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The BRIEF-2 is the first revision of the BRIEF, a measure of executive behaviors completed by a parent, teacher, or self. It yields eight theoretically and empirically derived subscales, each of which reflects a specific aspect of executive functioning (Inhibit, Shift, Emotional Control, Initiate, Working Memory, Plan/Organize, Organization of Materials and Monitor).
The subscale scores yield three broad composites (Behavioral Regulation Index, Emotion Regulation Index, and Cognitive Regulation Index) and an overall score, the Global Executive Composite (GEC). In addition, the BRIEF-2 includes three scales designed to assess the validity of responses (Inconsistency, Negativity, and Infrequency).
Age range: Parent/Teacher forms age 5–18; Self-report age 11–18.
Administration: Paper-and-pencil
Administration Time: Approximately 10 minutes
Accessibility: Self-report MACS I-III or CFCS I-III. Administered as paper-pencil questionnaire, but potentially an individual could indicate choice in interview, if necessary.
Scoring: Computerized or manual
Norms: Normative sample included 1400 parents of children age 5–18, 1,400 teachers, and 803 Self-report respondents. Standardization samples were well-matched to the
U.S. population for age, gender, parent education level, race/ethnicity, and geographic region.
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