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The WAIS-IV is a battery of tests that provides an estimate of general intellectual functioning. The WAIS-IV has 10 core subtests (Arithmetic, Block Design, Comprehension, Digit Span, Digit Symbol, Information, Letter-Number Sequencing, Matrix Reasoning, Picture Arrangement, Picture Completion, Processing Speed, Object Assembly, Similarities, Symbol Search, and Vocabulary) which make up four index scores, including the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI), the Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI), the Working Memory Index (WMI), and the Processing Speed Index (PSI).
Index Scores: FSIQ, General Ability (GAI)
Verbal Comprehension (VCI): The VCI is a measure of verbal concept formation, verbal reasoning, and knowledge acquired from one's environment.
Perceptual Reasoning (PRI): The PRI is a measure of perceptual and fluid reasoning, spatial processing, and visual-motor integration.
Working Memory (WMI): The WMI is a measure of working memory abilities, which involves attention, concentration, mental control and reasoning. Working memory tasks require the ability to temporarily retain information in memory, perform some operation or manipulation with it, and produce a result.
Processing Speed (PSI): The PSI is composed of subtests measuring the speed of mental and eye/hand coordination. The PSI provides a measure of the person's ability to quickly and correctly scan, sequence, or discriminate simple visual information. This composite also measures short-term memory, attention, and visual-motor coordination.
Excellent norms, frequently revised and correlated to other Wechsler products such as the WRAT-4, DKEFS subtests and the CVLT II.
VCI: Similarities, Vocabulary, Information
PSI: Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Visual Puzzles
WMI: Digit Span, Arithmetic
PSI: Symbol Search, Coding
Publication Date: 2008
Ages: Individuals 16:0–90:11 years
Completion Time: 60–90 minutes
Language: English, Spanish
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